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Meditation Space Creative Process

I have really enjoyed creating this drawing so I thought I would go through my process for creating it. I hope you enjoy.

The creative journey started with a sketch. I laid out the perspective lines and added in the staircases and archways. After that I felt that the drawing was a bit bare so I added the meditating figure in the centre.

After completing the sketch I added some shading with a black prismacolour pencil just to add some more depth to the drawing.

After importing my drawing into Autosketch I added a new layer for the floor covering. In the finished drawing I added different colours that were a slightly different hue. This gives it more of a textured look.

I then started adding more colour, deciding on pink for the walls and blue for the stairs. I also added some darker shadows for the skirting and in between each step.

I then needed to add the figure meditating in the centre so I added the outline and then decided to get rid of some of the extra lines that I didn't want in the picture.

After changing the figure slightly, I then went about duplicating the image and slotting them into the same perspective lines. I then decided on a white shirt and a green meditation cushion.

After finishing up adding the green to the meditation cushions, I felt this piece was finally finished. I hope you have enjoyed checking out my creative process for this drawing. Remember to check out my shop if you would like to get some prints or other products with this design on it.

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