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Counselling is an opportunity for people to talk through issues they may be going through in a safe and confidential manner. Counselling can be provided in your own home or at our private offices in Busselton, Bunbury, or Margaret River. Online sessions are also available. Find out more.

Coaching and Mentoring

Informational Interview

Coaching and mentoring are similar to counselling except that they focus on guiding people towards uncovering their life purpose and working steadily towards their goals. Mentoring often involves providing a client with guidance in a particular area such as creative mentoring, or business mentoring. Simon has skills and experience in many areas and can offer coaching and mentoring in creativity, business, relationships, spirituality, and uncovering your life purpose.

Workshops and Courses

Young People at a Workshop

Simon is able to provide workshops and courses in a number of different areas. To find out more about upcoming workshops or courses press the button below.

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