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Simon is a qualified counsellor with a Bachelor's degreee in Counselling and Psychology. He is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association and has over 13 years of experience working with families and individuals to achieve their goals. He has worked for many years as a  Coordinator in a disability support organisation and holds certifications in disability work, mental health first aid, and applied suicide intervention skills.

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Simon is 41 years old and lives in Busselton, Western Australia with his wife and three children. He is passionate about connecting with people, through his work, and through his various creative pursuits. 


Simon has been creating and recording music in bands and by himself for over twenty years. He began playing music in high school and quickly developed a love of performing and playing music with his school friends. After high school, he studied a certificate in music performance, learning how to perform, record and promote his own music.


After many years of working nights performing around Perth and Fremantle, he decided he needed to spend more time with his young family. He returned to working as a support worker, which had been a supplementary career for him when first starting out in the music industry. This work quickly became a career choice for Simon, especially when he started working as a coordinator full-time, leading teams of support staff and assisting people to achieve their goals. Although time was limited over these years Simon continued to concentrate on creative pursuits when possible and share his love for music and creativity with his family.  


After moving to Busselton in 2015 with his family, Simon's creativity began to flourish. And with the aid of creative mentor Tanya Cole, Simon began to expand his creative direction into visual art, and later on into creative writing. Simon also continued to work in service coordination for a disability support organisation in Busselton while also studying towards a degree in counselling and psychology. 

Simon finished his degree in 2021 becoming a qualified and accredited counsellor and started providing face-to-face and online counselling. Simon's aim now is to work and create honestly and passionately and assist others to do the same. Being creative, living up to their potential, and creating the life of their dreams. He aims to do this through his multiple roles as a coordinator, counsellor, artist, musician, and most importantly husband and father.

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